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Is now the right time for you to implement VOIP in your company? The cost savings and operating efficiencies of VOIP are dramatic, but is the quality and reliability sufficient to meet your needs?

These are VOIP questions that you should be asking Rivell

Rivell is a networking support company that prides itself in keeping on the leading edge of the computer, datacom, the Internet, and telephony technologies. Rivell has been helping clients keep their networks robust and secure since XXXX and we have been studying VOIP since the technology was first introduced.

Rivell supports Avaya and Cisco

Rivell believes that Avaya and Cisco products represent the state of the art in technology and reliability and make available a wide range of solutions. These include familiar digital telephones, wireless handsets, and advanced IP telephones as well as robust applications, including email/voicemail integration, advanced call center features, mobility, and more Implementing an IP-enabled telephony solution enables your company to improve efficiency and productivity as well as allowing you to take advantage of the economies and advanced features of VOIP.

Avaya and Cisco solutions from Rivell provide the opportunity to deliver a phone for every need in your organization while offering:

Converging your communications

Get connected directly to your LAN, simplifying administration and streamlining communications.

Remote access

IP enabled telephones, and IP softphones are ideal for remote workers. They can enjoy all the advantages of their office phone wherever they are working.

Mobility in the office

Stay in touch down the hall, in the waiting room, on the factory floor or wherever with fully-functional wireless handsets those have all the features of a desk phone

Remote Management of your IP Telephony Solution

For additional productivity, Rivell can remotely perform administration support and management of your voice and data systems. Our Network Operation Center provides customers with 24 hours, seven days a week support of their voice and data systems, keeping your business and systems up and running. Our service can keep voice-mail accounts updated, changed and deleted and also add, reassign or move extensions.

Rivell also can provide an added level of service to manage your complete Voice and Data Infrastructure, including the routers, switches, voice gateways, Voicemail, servers, and network servers. By choosing this option, Rivell will take full responsibility for problem isolation and resolution — including managing Quality of Service (QoS) across your complete business infrastructure.